Leave dressing on for at least 1 hour, but no longer than 2 hours.

On removal of dressing wash area immediately with warm soapy water.

Apply small amounts of Tams Aftercare 2-3 times daily.

You might experience slight oozing for the first couple of days, if this occurs wash and dry, then apply more aftercare

Your tattoo will begin to peel in 2-4 days. DO NOT PICK at it, let the peeling fall of naturally.

Avoid swimming pools, sun beds, saunas and direct sunlight until completely healed, usually within 3 weeks.

If it all possible keep clothing off your tattoo for 2 weeks.

Your tattoo should take 2-4 weeks to heal depending on area. 

You have been tattooed by a professional tattoo artist, using the the utmost modern sterilisation techniques, and the finest tattooing pigments available. 

 Now the rest is up to you.

 By following these simple aftercare instructions your tattoo will heal properly, and be a beautiful work of art for many years to come.


Thanks for choosing Tams Tattoos.










In order to ensure that your new piercing heals quickly and without complications the appropriate aftercare must be followed.

For all Piercing types,

  • Your piercing may be slightly swollen, bruised, and tender for a few weeks.
  • Maybleed slightly
  • Will typically show a small amount of redness while healing.
  • Will typically have a slight discharge, whitish-yellow in colour, which can form into a crust on the jewellery.


An infection is caused by contact with bacteria,fungi or other similar living pathogens. The chances of your piercing becoming infected are very minimal if appropriate precautions are taken.

Most piercing infections are a direct resullt of touching the piercing or jewellery with unwashed hands.

Common signs of an infection are;

  • Severe redness
  • Swelling or hardness around the piercing
  • Throbbing pain
  • Warm to the touch
  • Thick discharge, Yellow or green in colour


If you experience any problems with your piercing you should always come back in for advice as soon as possible.


We advise the following to help your piercing to heal.

  • Leave dressing on for 1 hour
  • use aftercare given with piercing 3 times a day (external only).
  • Generally speaking leave your piercing alone. The more friction, movement, or contact a piercing experiences, the more likley that a problem will occur.
  • Jewellery selection is extremely important. all jewellery should be custom sized for each individual.
  • Straight barbells generally heal better for nipple piercings.
  • Eating a healthy and nutritious diet i crucial. The general health of your body is an important factor in the length of time it will take your piercing to heal.
  • Avoid over cleansing, or the use of inappropriate substances or cleansers.
  • Changing the jewellery to soon can lead to complications. Do not change in the first 2-3 weeks. Remember that every percons piercing is different.
  • Always keep lotions away from the piercing.
  • Be careful when putting on/taking off clothing, so as not to snag the jewellery or bumb the piercing.
  • Change your bed sheets more frequently.
  • Do not play with your piercing while it is healing. Doing so can make it swell more, bleed or even tear. This will lengthen the healing time.
  • Direct contact with the piercing should be gentle, with clean hands only.
  • Do not use pliers or any at home tools on your jewellery as you may scratch and damage the jewellery.


Extra advice for oral (tongue / lip) piercing

  • Use listerine mouthwash morning and night to keep clean.
  • Drink plenty of cold drinks and use ice to reduce swelling.
  • Eat softer fods for the first few days. Avoid foods that are hard, crunchy, spicy or salty.
  • Avoid carbonated beverages and highly scidic fruit juices.
  • Avoid or reduce the consumption of alcohol, caffeine and tobacco for the first week in order to minimise irritation.
  • Chew food very slowly, taking time to know what is your jewellery and what is food.
  • Use aftercare given on outside of the lip only.



The length of the jewellery installed in some piercings are initially larger to allow for swelling that typically occurs. Once the area has returned to its normal thickness, usually 2-4 weeks. We suggest you come back to have the jewellery doewnsized to a lengthsuitable sized to the thickness of your need.

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